UCSF Department of Surgery

The UCSF Department of Surgery is one of the highest rated surgery department in the world, consistently ranked in the top 10 for many specialities.
As the face to the world the UCSF Department of Surgery consists of approximately 55+ sites including department and lab sites. The sites were developed in Umbraco a ASP.NET content management system (CMS). We took the original graphic design created by (Hyperarts) and developed the many document types and templates, XSLT and addition C# based controls which add multiple specialized controls to the site.
Being a Content Management system the staff at UCSF can add, edit and delete new content on the site. This included individual pages, bios, news articles, clinical trails, conditions and procedures and publications.
The sites cover the many departments under the UCSF Surgery umbrella. These sites have many special requirements such as displaying over 200 surgeons and Md's including their bios, specialities, publications, clinical trials and related news. The sites can also set up appointments for patients and referrals from outside physicians, display news and events for the departments and list in detail the many clinical trials ongoing in the various departments. A Web visitor can also be educated about the various conditions and procedures addressed by UCSF Department of Surgery and also research the many publication from the various UCSF medical personnel.
Specific to UCSF's needed we have implemented a special menuing system which can display the large number of physicians and conditions and procedures without causing the Website visitor to have to scroll a menu which is difficult on mobile devices.