Skis on the Run

Skis on the Run is a Park City, Utah based ski rental company which offers top flight skis rentals delivering the equipment to your lodging or other locations.
Skis on the Run requires a complex on-line ski rental program which allows a person or group to configure the rental needs including ski packages for adults and children, lift tickets, clothing and other necessities while on a ski holiday.
Both the frontend and backends are written in PHP using a MySQL database. The admin piece allows for entry of each piece of equipment, rental pricing, specs and images. On the frontend the client is led through a set of screens to choose date, time, ski packages and other equipment and check out using a credit card to hold the reservation.
A client can also view local hotels, restaurants, transportation and other local ammenities and also look at all the various equipment styles and brands which are offered for rent.
Website development for Skis on the Run