Rob Mayfield & Associates is a Web development company established in 1995 and based in Marin / San Francisco Bay area.

We are a group of web developers with clients in the medical fields, music industry, education, heavy construction, real estate and finance.

We offer full static and dynamic websites development. We work with various graphic artists to design the sites and can implement the static site using pure HTML CSS, AJAX and Javascript or develop dynamic sites using various platform backends with PHP or C#.Net or Java. We specialize in Web development using a variety of tools including content management systems (CMS); Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress and Umbraco which allow the customer to add and change pages and keep the content fresh and vibrant. We have also implemented online shopping carts for some of our clients using Cubecart, Maian (Joomla based), Ubercart (Drupal based) and Cart66 (Wordpress based) and Zen Cart. We are highly experienced in databases such as MySQL and SQLServer and frontend programming using HTML, CSS and Javascript. Our current emphasis is on incorporating CSS3 and HTML5 into our development which provide enhanced websites and capability.

Our client list includes companies and sites such as: